Social Responsibility(SR)

Social Responsibility

Every organization has its social responsibility. We will not only be busy with ourselves. It is also our social responsibility to stand by the helpless and poor people of the society. In addition, it is our responsibility to stand by the affected people of the country during natural disasters, floods, cyclones, epidemics, etc. The government cannot deal with everything. So, like all other organizations, we will try our best to deal with these disasters from the side of the government. It is to be mentioned that we have distributed relief materials to about 400 families in Belkuchi police station of Sirajganj district during the catastrophic floods of August 25, 2017. We also tried to provide financial support to some of our friends during the Corona epidemic that started in 2019. We are already by the side of friends or their close ones when they are sick. Hopefully we will continue our efforts.